Episode 240: Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam

Now that he’s three records into his return to music, Yusuf Islam (better known as Cat Stevens before his conversion to Islam) sounds comfortable but not complacent. “Tell ‘Em I’m Gone” isn’t exactly the record you’d expect from him, but it’s one that was a few decades in the making.

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Episode 239: Ryan Lindsey of Broncho

Ryan Lindsey of Broncho

Broncho stopped by the studio when they were in town recently and recorded a three-song live session (which will be posted later this week). In addition to that, I had a chance to sit down with frontman Ryan Lindsey and talk about his approach to music, his favorite type of house, and the time he almost bankrupted a construction company.

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Episode 238: Ethan Johns

Ethan Johns

Going into my conversation with producer and musician Ethan Johns, I knew about his work in the studio. What I didn’t know about was what led him to working as a producer, engineer, and musician…which was just as fascinating.

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Episode 237: David Koechner

David Koechner

If Wikipedia existed in the ’90s, David Koechner might’ve lasted a lot longer than one season on Saturday Night Live. True story. Speaking of true stories, he faked his way into the last Replacements show (before the reunion, that is), too. He discusses that and the importance of family, community, and treating work like work.

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Episode 236: Del McCoury

Del McCoury

This might seem like a bit of a curveball, given the type of folks I usually have on the show, but my desire to talk to this guest is no less sincere. Del McCoury is a bona fide bluegrass legend, and it was fascinating to hear him talk about how rock and roll might not exist without bluegrass progenitor Bill Monroe.

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Episode 235: Chef Edward Lee

Chef Edward Lee

Since I’ve never interviewed a chef before, I wasn’t entirely sure what shape my conversation with Edward Lee would take. In the end, though, it was a great conversation about chef Lee’s life, his passion for affecting the way people think about and interact with food, and his love of duets.

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