Episode 246: John Waters

John Waters

John Waters takes the banal and turns it on its head for a living. It turns out, he’s been doing that since he was a tiny tot in Maryland reading the encyclopedia.

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Episode 245: Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat Goldthwait

Very few people in show business get lucky enough to have a second act. Even fewer get it entirely on their own terms. Bobcat Goldthwait is one of those lucky few. Instead of allowing eight weeks of his career define who he is, Bobcat decided to take the reins and do something uncommon in the world of Hollywood: Choose happiness and fulfillment over money and fame.

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Episode 244: Carl Newman of The New Pornographers

Carl Newman of The New Pornographers

Carl Newman isn’t just the frontman of The New Pornographers. He’s also a dad, a husband, a homeowner, a fan of The Monkees, and a down-to-earth member of the indie rock elite. We talked about his preference for Nesmith over Parsons, his appreciation for Mark Kozelek’s honesty (even when it comes across as pettiness), and having no idea what works musically — until the moment you hear it, anyway.

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Episode 243: Neil Hamburger

Neil Hamburger

America’s Funnyman® Neil Hamburger sat down with me in Austin to discuss his disco idols, his surprising lack of concern for ebola, his upcoming major motion picture, and how he was awarded the title of America’s Funnyman®.

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Episode 242: Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou

Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou

This is a special one for a few different reasons. There’s not enough space here to get into all of the hows and whys, but suffice it to say that Aaron Weiss of mewithoutYou and I shared a few pretty honest and open moments during our conversation.

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Episode 241: Olivia Jean

Olivia Jean

Former Black Belles frontwoman Olivia Jean stopped by the studio while on a tour of record stores in the Midwest promoting her new LP, “Bathtub Love Killings.” We talked about how she became part of the Third Man crew, how important record stores were to her musical development, and her love of the bouffant.

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