Episode 221: Will Sheff of Okkervil River

Will Sheff of Okkervil River

Will Sheff is a smart dude. If that wasn’t evident from his hyper-literate (and hyperactive) lyrics, the Okkervil River frontman proves it here by displaying his chops as a cultural critic and armchair sociologist.

Photo courtesy of Eleonora C. Collini.

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Episode 220: Randy and Jason Sklar

The Sklar Brothers, Randy and Jason

Talking to Randy and Jason Sklar while the twin stand-up comedians are watching their beloved St. Louis Cardinals is intense. I sat down with them between sets at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington to chat about obsession, the desire to live in the moment, and vinyl…all while they cheered (and jeered) for the home team.

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Episode 219: John Doe of X

John Doe of X

X frontman John Doe is what you might call a triple threat — musician, actor, armchair philosopher. Sure, it’s not the traditional definition, but it fits. And it was fascinating to hear John talk about his outlook on success and forward momentum, because sometimes it’s hard to remember that you can be content without losing your edge.

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Episode 218: Wayne Kramer of the MC5

Wayne Kramer of the MC5

This episode is not for the politically faint of heart. It is a conversation with Wayne Kramer of the MC5, after all. You know, one of the most political active and divisive bands in the history of rock and roll. That said, it’s not all politics during the interview. Wayne also discusses his musical history, how church influenced the MC5′s development, and how his time in prison has affected his life.

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Episode 217: Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood

Who hasn’t picked up a handful of Turkish disco LPs at a record store, right? But unlike most music nerds, Elijah Wood bought his Turkish disco LPs straight from the source — in Instanbul. During SXSW, I sat down with Elijah and found out just how into music he is. Very, in case you hadn’t figure that out yet.

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Episode 216: Jordan Kurland of Zeitgeist Management

Jordan Kurland of Zeitgeist Management

Jordan Kurland moved to San Francisco 19 years ago with the plan to learn the ropes as a band manager, then move somewhere else. Well, he’s still there and still managing bands (like Death Cab, The New Pornographers, and Bob Mould) all these years later. Jordan and I talked about how his locale has affected his outlook on the music industry, as well as where things are in general in the music world.

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